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May 3, 2012
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Fictional Firearm: HC-SR24E Sniper Rifle [Draken] by CzechBiohazard Fictional Firearm: HC-SR24E Sniper Rifle [Draken] by CzechBiohazard
Nickname: Draken

Manufacturer: The Hoke Corp.

Type: Sniper Rifle, Bullpup

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO (.223rem)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Magazines: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Effective range of fire: 800 meters

*Download for full view*

Concept, Design, & Artwork: :iconczechbiohazard:
This firearm is a Sniper Rifle variant of the HC-AR24c
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XERW here, giving some critique to show on the design aspect of this gun.

Vision: 3.5/5 - this rifle is quite visionary by its own but still lacks something I couldn't put my fingers on. I'll base the score by the design of the rifle.

I'll start from the obvious point which was detracting this score by pointing out the lack of any hard point like a railing to mount a bipod quickly.

I also criticize the minimal amount of length on the top rail as it may reduce some attachment options essential for a mission.

There are also a lack of afterthought on the grip - the size was right but the space for 4th and 5th finger are too small - it could hamper comfort which is essential for a sniping mission which involves waiting while armed for quite a long time.

This is only a personal opinion but the inclusion of automatic firing mode is quite off - since you couldn't possibly retain sustained firing for long with a 8x+ zoom scope - burst is better suited for a sniper/marksman rifle.

Originality : 4.5/5 - definitely original - there are some influences from FAMAS or AUG but it was negligible - an original design for sure.

Technique : 3/5 - the camo pattern shouldn't be distributed with only cutting a pattern on top of the rifle - it should got some offsets on different parts of the rifle to make it more realistic. The font size on fire selector should be reduced and it needs to have shadows and highlights to better depict a realistic firearm.

Impact : 4/5 Should be noted - this design could possibly hit off with future firearms deisgn - it may be not but it still hits home for me.

Hope it helps you on creating more original rifle design.
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RaggaR8 Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Bullets come out of the slim end...
CzechBiohazard Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The slim end?
RaggaR8 Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You know? The slim end of the gun?
CzechBiohazard Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you really that stupid? Really? Of course, the bullets come out of the barrel. Just like any other god damn gun.
Krovash Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's why i advised you to turn off comments, people can be insanely stupid nowadays....
CzechBiohazard Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I turn off the comments how else am I supposed to laugh at comments like these? XD
Krovash Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Don't you have better things to do with your time?
CzechBiohazard Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not really. *cries out of self-pity*
LIUKANG08 Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow a total killig machine =0 badass desing
CzechBiohazard Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :3
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